Joel Huesby has taken the initiative to be the first contributor to our blog at HolisticManagement.Guide. Joel has been and continues to be a leader in most everything he undertakes. He was one of the first grass finished producers, at scale. He was one of the first with a mobile slaughterhouse. Being on the cutting edge, Joel has taken many risks and made mistakes. Lucky for us, his humility allows him to share not only what he has learned, but he provides information on what we need to make sound decisions.

Joel farms on the Touchet River, near Walla Walla, Washington, amid an area in the Pacific Northwest where an estimated 40% of the rich Palouse soils have been lost to erosion since farming began in the late 1800’s. Joel points at that we have been poisoning what soil remains. In this article, he lays out the cost Nitrogen fertilizer has brought with soil acidification and how we can reverse this process. Incidentally, reversing soil acidification requires the same treatment as reversing climate change; getting animals and human creativity to the soil surface.

Please enjoy Joel’s contribution on soil acidification. Comment and Follow him!