It all started when...

My hands-on “ranching for empowerment,” experience began in the Nebraska Sandhills and Montana and Wyoming’s short-grass prairie, honed in central Wyoming’s sagebrush steppe, and refined in northeast Oregon’s ponderosa grassland. True enrichment 

I along with many other ranchers dedicated to conservation, has received the National Cattlemen Beef Association’s Environmental Stewardship Award as a result of his practicing Holistic Management. Living the transformation from traditional cowboy to environmental steward allowed for building bridges between agency, environmental and agriculture interests.

The practice of Holistic Management has improved relationships, enabled  profitable enterprises, enhanced the health of the land, animals, and people that enrich lives, and gives peace of mind. You too can build your capacity to create the life you desire.

As we face the realities of climate change, chronic illness, and economic disparity, the power of the decision-making closest to the ground amplify exponentially. In a very real sense, never will the decisions of so few affect so many.

This blog speaks directly to decision-makers at the soil surface, along with ranch investors, consumers, policymakers, and others who must find ways to support, those on the ground.