Trying to Think Like a River

Like always, Tony had "get the blog out" on his calendar. He carved out big chunks of time to write this month and produced a solid piece. Writing does him good.

Before he publishes the blog, Tony reads it to me over breakfast. Usually, I throw a few blows that he easily sifts through. The other day, I felt it in his tempo that he was hoping I’d say, “Yeah! Publish and let’s go sort heavies.” Well, I didn’t. He knew it wasn't fleshed out and the tone just didn’t feel right for the time.

Our discussion shifted to the news of the day; the unthinkable tragedy that has befallen New Zealand. Our condolences to our grazing partners and others who call New Zealand home.

We then turned to discuss Gabe Brown’s great book Dirt to Soil which we are both reading. His recollections of the late Neil Dennis reminded us of the first time we met him in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We were joining a large gathering of folks during Holistic Management International’s conference at the Long Branch. There was a slew of people all sitting at one table in a tiny space. Tony can’t stand those situations. “I can’t hear. I can’t engage. What the hell does it take to get a drink around here?”

Luckily, Neil and his wife Barbara were sitting next to us, and we sparked up a conversation. As anyone who has had such a fortune surely can imagine, it turned out to be one memorable evening. After dinner and drinks, Niel gregariously stood up and said: “Oh! You are the ‘Think Like A River folks!”

As an encore, we are sharing: Think Like a River – Finding Peace of Mind through Holistic Management. It seems fitting to share with you given the previous blog on log jams and the mood in which we find ourselves.

In a couple of weeks, Tony will be getting a hip replacement. Thanks to all of you, upstanding (literally) cowboys who have been saying “Don’t you think you need to get that hip taken care of Tony?” This is all to say, Tony will have ample time to think and write, so look forward to new material next month.